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 General Roleplay Information [UPDATED REGULARLY]

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General Roleplay Information [UPDATED REGULARLY] Empty
PostSubject: General Roleplay Information [UPDATED REGULARLY]   General Roleplay Information [UPDATED REGULARLY] I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 28, 2013 9:33 am

Hey guys, figured we'd need a general roleplay guide for everyone in the community. This will cover general information, but no faction-specific information - there are other boards for that. Please keep in mind that all sorts of roleplay are allowed, whether it be combat RP, passive RP, eRP (as long as it's directly related and plausible to what's going on in the campaign - pleasure camps are allowed) or other types.

Base Engagement: This is paramount to the idea of passive and so no one bitches. Each base, will not be allowed to shoot out of said base unless under direct attack by the enemy force attempting to perform a full assault. So no sniping people that are just walking around their base or at a crows nest observing and such. Anyone outside of the ‘Safe Zones’ AKA Bases are most definitely S2M, do not S2K unless it was announced by an Administrator.

Sniper Engagement: If you get a sniper rifle, this doesn’t mean you can S2K whoever you want, there are a shit ton of trees, so this will make snipers efficient and useless at the same time. Due to the amount of cover, patrolling factions can use tons of cover and not get instantly shot. But, snipers are deadly, and the sniper rifle will only be rarely found.

Snipers have to S2M their first shot, then re-train their sight, if they are in cover, and you wanna go for a pot shot, say the foot or the elbow, if the shot literally makes contact, then yeah, that person pain RP’s like falls over to use extreme cover or go into complete shock and pass out, it’s their decision. Now if they DO choose to fall over from extreme pain and pass out, if your character is a decent human being, he’ll most likely take his gear then just let him go back to his base injured, making him useless.
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General Roleplay Information [UPDATED REGULARLY]
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