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Server Rules: (UPDATED FREQUENTLY)  Empty
PostSubject: Server Rules: (UPDATED FREQUENTLY)    Server Rules: (UPDATED FREQUENTLY)  I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 04, 2013 7:13 am

1. Any sort of RP is allowed no matter what, as long as it fits the setting. eRP, Combat RP, Passive RP, you name it.

2. If you are killed with RP, meaning executed with full RP, such as surrendering and the opposing party decides to execute you, you will be PK'ed and erased from history. If you are killed in a S2M/S2K fight you will follow the New Life Rule. Meaning you have no recollection on to how you died who killed you or what you were doing last, if you lose any items during these encounters you have to believe you lost them some how.

3. Power gaming is fine as long as the other party(ies) agree to it. meaning that if you do have the upper hand, use logic on this rule, if you are outnumbered and outgunned you may as well just run or surrender the option is yours, but if you do fight, the other party will most likely have the upper hand and power game as they do have the upper hand. So no matrix dodging bullets unless you're no more than two inches away from some sort of realistic cover such as concrete.

4. Don't be stupid. Stupidity will be punished appropriately. Meaning typing like a minge, screwing about, abusing OOC, arguing with an Administrator or Operator, and or another player. Take arguments to PM's or Steam Chat, failure to follow this rule will result in a 'Kick' as a warning.

5. Just because you are in a faction doesn't mean you are better than everyone else, it just means you belong to a group, you fight, die, and defend that groups honor and try and spread their philosophy the best way you can, trying to force your beliefs on people will be a sure way to get assaulted by another faction.

6. Purposely sabotaging your faction with no authorization to do so (i.e. being a spy without permission) will result in harsh punishment.

7. Goofy characters are allowed as long as they don't get out of hand. Meaning drug attics, or someone with a mental disorder that would be realalistic enough for them to survive the potential outbreak and the other organized groups.

8. You may only have ONE character in a faction, you can also have a Loner and a faction member if you'd like, if you wanna join a new faction, get your faction character PK'd then PM an Admin to be un-whitelisted and use your new Loner character to sign up with another faction.

9. Please do not post ban appeals on the forums without coming to an admin on Steam first. 90% of the time we can handle it on steam without taking it to the forums.

10. All admins are to be respected. If they make a decision you don't agree with, talk to them about it, don't whine and bitch and post complaints without any good reason. The same as with using OOC because you think that it was 'Unfair' all Admin decisions are within good reason.

11. Admins may host events at any given times, whether that's a bombing run, mortars, artillery, a sudden change in temperature, etc. Part of being an admin involves keeping the server interesting!

12. FearRP appropriately. If it's your first time killing someone as a Loner or Faction Member, for example, once you kill someone for the first time, you're characters personality will change drastically, meaning they'll more than likely be quiet for a few hours or even day's, probably lose interest in things that brought them joy, etc.

13. Don't scream for an admin if someone starts shooting or attacking his comrades, this may be due to his/her character going insane or due to a specific authorization granted by an admin.

14. This isn't a deadly serious RP server. Learn to take a joke - if you leave because someone makes a silly character and plays on it every once in a while to lighten up the mood, we didn't want you here anyway.

15. Please Passive RP as much as possible during downtime. Take notes, write diaries, design something for your faction base, make your own little shack to camp in, etc.

16. Don't ever refer to memes OOCly or ICly. EVER. Probably one of our most important rules.

17. Don't use modern slang ICly.

18. Don't refer to specific fandoms, meaning Bronies, Anime, etc.

19. If IC drama is taken to a very far extent, as in a constant back and forth with no resolution, an Admin will send something or someone to 'Fix' said drama.

20. No edgy nicknames. If I see "Blade", "Razor", "Sword", and other similar nicknames, your character's name will be changed.

21. Please write your character's physical descriptions in full sentences. Example: Wearing a black beanie with some overalls covering his shirt.
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