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 The Hampizohkan Host

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PostSubject: The Hampizohkan Host   The Hampizohkan Host I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 04, 2013 11:25 am

The Hampizohkan Host Dviwau

The Hampizohkan Host

"Riders of the East,
lend me your swords,
so that we may protect your homeland,
your family, your virtues,
for riches and glory."

Hailing from the New English states, the leaders of the Hampizohka Host found themselves among the company of many Slavic immigrants after the fabled end of the world. In the fields of New Hampshire, they became cossacks of the Hampizohkan Host. To protect their homes and their morales, the men of the Hampizohkan Host ride on horses of steel.


The New Order: Allied
The Marxist Coalition: Neutral
American Worker's Party: Neutral
Raven Security Corporation: Neutral

Strength: Exceptional amounts of vehicles due to the fact that the Host was a biker gang pre-apocalypse.
Weakness: Poor weaponry.
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The Hampizohkan Host
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