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 Order Rank Information (Work In Progress)

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PostSubject: Order Rank Information (Work In Progress)   Mon Nov 04, 2013 1:23 pm

Below this will state what each rank will have for a weapon, expected tasks, and what they are allowed to do. (This is a WIP)

Propaganda Offizier:


  • None, while in public you are expected to have an armed escort of at least two men

Expected Tasks:

  • Give public speeches and spread the message of Fascism to the locals

  • Reporting issues that locals have with the Order laws

  • Keeping a watchful eye on possible resistance movements while in public

  • Going door to door if necessary


  • Allowed to order "Mann" ranked members to sights of possible discontent or unlawful activities

  • Allowed to freely leave and enter the Reichstag as he sees fit

  • Allowed to choose the people who escort him around the town

  • Allowed to construct a propaganda radio station if he chooses to



  • Bolt-Action Rifle (Kar98)

  • Sidearm (Luger)

  • Knife

Expected Tasks:

  • Patrolling the city, reporting crimes and threats

  • When ordered to, gather resources from outside sources to ensure city's survival

  • Enforcing laws that are made by high ranking members of the Order

  • Guarding high ranking Order members when they walk around the city


  • Allowed to establish checkpoints around the city

  • Allowed to beat those who annoy or disrespect the Order/yourself

  • Allowed to be in the Reichstag, but not for extended periods, should be patrolling



  • Primary Weapon (STG44, MP40, Kar98, Scoped Kar98, or MG42)

  • Sidearm (Luger)

  • Knife or Spade

Expected Tasks:

  • Being our elite foot soldiers, you will be asked to step in when asked on raids or assisting  "Mann" ranked members with responding to MAJOR threats

  • Guarding high ranking members of the Order

  • Guarding the Reichstag (Order Compound) from intruders or attackers


  • Allowed to establish a barricade or defenses inside the Reichstag to ensure Fuehrer saftey

  • Allowed to beat those who refuse to leave Reichstag grounds

  • Allowed to kill those who enter the Reichstag without permission



  • Primary (MP40, or STG44)

  • Sidearm (Luger)

  • Knife or Spade

  • Stick Grenades (ONLY FOR RAIDS!)

Expected Tasks:

  • Leading patrols of "Mann" ranked members

  • Expected to be a competent field officer or give logical orders

  • Expected to keep men in line and ensure they don't abuse citizens or enforce fabricated laws


  • Reporting those who abuse citizens

  • Giving orders to "Mann" ranked members

  • Allowed to bring up raid targets (Raid approved by Fuehrer, Brigadefuehrer, or Sturmfuehrer)

  • Allowed to lead smaller squads of "Mann" ranked members (2-3 People)

  • Do take note your authority is overruled if a Oberfuehrer is present



  • Primary (MP40)

  • Sidearm (C96)

  • Knife or Spade

Expected Tasks:

  • Leading combined forces of "Mann" and "Sturmmann" ranked members

  • Leading and directing forces during raids or assaults against opposing factions

  • Directing outpost locations to "Mann" ranked members


  • Allowed to command the three lower ranks of the Order

  • Allowed to direct the locations of outposts in the wasteland

  • Allowed to designate raid locations (Raid approved by Fuehrer, Brigadefuehrer, or Sturmfuehrer)

  • Allowed to issue weapons and uniforms to new recruits

  • Reporting or disciplining those who abuse or mistreat citizens without fair reasoning



  • Primary (None, protection will be done by guards)

  • Sidearm (C96)

  • Knife

Expected Tasks:

  • Coordinate with Reichsfuehrer, and Brigadefuehrer to establish "proper" and "just" laws

  • Periodically inspect the military to ensure full effectiveness

  • Able to give logical orders with just reasoning

  • Commanding and coordinating Reichstag defenses


  • Allowed to override the authority or orders of the Oberfuehrer and Rottenfuehrer with a just reason

  • Allowed to construct Reich defenses

  • Allowed to propose, or edit existing laws

  • Allowed to initiate a raid if a location is designated

  • Allowed to leave Reichstag, but recommended you stay there due to you being a high ranking officer



  • Primary (None, expected to be escorted by guards when in the city, minimum of three.)

  • Sidearm (C96)

  • Knife

Expected Tasks:

  • Advise the Fuehrer and other lower ranking officers to ensure total command efficiency

  • Commanding large quantities of men

  • Coordinate with Reichsfuehrer, and Sturmfuehrer to establish "proper" and "just" laws

  • Able to give logical orders to the lower ranking members

  • Inspecting military to ensure total effectiveness


  • Allowed to order all ranks that are ranked below him, since this rank is considered "2nd in command."

  • Allowed to override lower ranking officer orders with a logical reason

  • Allowed to edit existing laws or propose new ones

  • Allowed to redirect forces at any given time

  • Allowed to initiate a raid if a location is designated
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Order Rank Information (Work In Progress)
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