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 The Chancellor Speaks - Eins

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The Chancellor Speaks - Eins Empty
PostSubject: The Chancellor Speaks - Eins   The Chancellor Speaks - Eins I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 04, 2013 1:43 pm

*Written on a slip of paper, is what looks to be a propaganda message. You read it.*

This is your chancellor, Erich Roehm. I have fought for the Wehrmacht, honorably, and believed in national socialism. I believed that we should take over the world, but after learning of what the SS did, I can believe in that no more. We must have a marxist society, and this is exactly our chance. Men, women, children, EVERYONE! This is a call to arms! To fight national socialism, and protect our land!

To every Hebrew, who the Nazi's nearly eradicated in Europe, get revenge.

To every Russian, Slav, and Pole: We wish to preserve your race along with ours. We are all equal, after all.

To every American: We wish to preserve democracy, not destroy it. Join us, and fight for your freedoms, which we shall provide!

And to the Nazi's: We will eradicate you from the face of this earth!

We must this state again, and provide our citizens with everything they need, no matter what. We do not fight for Stalinism or socialism, we fight for Marxism.

~ Chancellor Erich Roehm, The Marxist Coalition
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The Chancellor Speaks - Eins
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