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 The Loners

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[center]The Loners SCS_Bandits
The Loners are unique in that they have no real organization. Perhaps a better term - though rarely used - is survivors. They make do with what they have, getting by on what they can find in abandoned towns or nearby military outposts. While not true for all Loners, most are attracted to Stow due to its large population - it remains one of the most economically successful towns after the apocalypse, and it's generally a very safe place to be for all sorts of people, especially Loners. Generally, they are the most willing out of all of Stow to help others; there are no politics when it comes to the Loners.

Neutral with all factions.

Loners have the most freedom out of all of Stow. Generally, they can do as they please without any restrictions. The only rules dictating what they can do are the laws set by the Raven Security Corporation, which essentially serves as Stow's police force for the time being.

Most Loners wear a simple leather jacket with the badge pictured above, though this is not true for all of them.
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The Loners
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