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 Mikhailo Kosnynsky - Hampizohkan Host

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PostSubject: Mikhailo Kosnynsky - Hampizohkan Host   Mikhailo Kosnynsky - Hampizohkan Host I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2013 12:40 pm

Mihailo Kosnynsky was born in Zaporozhye, Ukraine in 1916. He grew up as the Soviet Regime took over and Ukraine became apart of the USSR. This wasn't much of a concern to him because meanwhile his father was teaching him Cossack tradition and he spent more time thinking of such. He didn't start hating the USSR until age 13.

     In 1932, the aggressive agricultural policies of Joseph Stalin's regime resulted in one of the largest national catastrophes in the history of the Ukrainian nation. A man-made famine known as the Holodomor caused a direct loss of human life estimated between 2.6 million to 10 million. Mikhailo saw this genocide occur around him as loved ones starved on the streets, he knew from then on that he hated the USSR. When the war came Mikhailo couldn't trust the Germans or the Soviets which led to him joining the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

     Mikhailo Kosnynsky spent his days in the war fighting in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army against the Soviets and the German forces. He never fought for large powers, only for the independence of Ukraine, as he found this was his duty because of his Cossack bloodlines. After the war, when one force in Ukraine was destroyed, Mikhailo came to America with his brother, out of the reach of the Soviet Union.

     Mikhailo never knew a life of working and routine and wasn't interested in any jobs. This led him to later join The Hampizohkan Host, a biker gang made of up Slavic immigrants much like himself with a Cossack culture and morality, perfect for a man like him. He learned the ways of the horse of steel, or motorcycle, and rode on with The Host. Soon after the infection spread throughout the land and there was no escape from it. As governments toppled and new factions formed, Mikhailo knew that the old countries were no more and the only allegiance he now has is with The Hampizohkan Host and he will defend its homes, people and Morales until death.

Mikhailo Kosnynsky - Hampizohkan Host Ukrain10
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Mikhailo Kosnynsky - Hampizohkan Host
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