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 Oberst Erich Roehm.

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Oberst Erich Roehm. Tank-commander-ss

Erich Roehm is an odd character. He was raised in Danzig, only spending 2 years of his life under German rule until the polish reclaimed independence. His mother and father died at a young age, so he moved to Sweden for a while, staying at an orphanage in Stockholm. Alas, he was kicked out and sent back to Danzig when he was 18, never being adopted.

In the orphanage, he learned about the great military leader of Germany, Otto Von Bismarck. He was very attached to his books, once when someone tried to take The Communist Manifesto from him, he punched him in the face. Somewhere along the way of his education, he decided he was going to become a leader- Not a follower. He enlists in the German army after reading Mein Kampf, and serves as a Grenadier through the invasion of Belgium and France. One valiant action that he made promoted him to Unteroffizier.

His squad had been decimated by a more-than-anticipated English Force. Erich, with nothing but a knife, attacked a brit moving into the room he was in. The had a knife fight, in which erich stabbed his knife under the mans chin, cutting his airflow and piercing his brain. He took his weapon (He was out of ammo) and fought of 2 more brits coming in the stairs. Reinforcements came, and he was a squad leader throughout the rest of 1940. He went to officer school and in 1941, he was an Oberst. He lead a battalion through the Baltic states, before being recalled to command a division under Rommel's Afrika Korps.

The first time he saw Rommel, he was having a staff meeting, before El Alemein. He heard Rommel discussing tactics, such as encirclement and the soviet policy of Deep Warfare. Then, an order came in from Hitler to kill of POWs with a ratio 10 to 1. He spit on it, and threw it across the room. He knew this was the man he wished he was, and intended to become his vision. Rommel liked him, and took him under his wing.

In El Alemein, he only sent a few batallions of infantry and companies of tanks to assault the Australlians, before he had to set up a defense. While all the other Generals were falling back from the counterassaults, he held firm. He took three of his Tanks- 2 Pz IVs and 1 Hetzer, and charged into 2 platoons of infantry. He was screaming over the radio, "Vorwarts! Vorwarts!". All of his infantry and armor followed his tanks, and they destroyed the platoons with only a loss of one man. Roehm personally set up the funeral of the man, and Rommel attended it with him. It was after this he bacame his aide, all the way up until the Normandy Landings.

After the Normandy Landings, Himmler sent him a request to oversee a type of "Camp" for the disabled and poor. Little did he know, it was a concentration camp. He was appalled by this, and even more appalled when he learned he was supposed to have a death quota. He took a pilot friend he had, and flew all the way to sweden, then to the United States, posing as a retired German Partisan.

After he came back, he collected as much books about communism and socialism as he could, and did research on communist states. He decided he wanted to make a society where equality was for everyone, and after the war ended, he prepared his move into politics- First become a mayor, then a governor, then a Senator. Alas, his plan was cut short by the infected's appearance... Or was it?

The infected's appearance was a sign from God- "Remake humanity with Marxism in mind." He set about doing that, and is now in a holy war with all Fascists, Stalinists, and Capitalists.
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Oberst Erich Roehm.
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