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 New Land Canon (This goes into effect AFTER the starting events.)

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Pvt. O'Connor
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PostSubject: New Land Canon (This goes into effect AFTER the starting events.)   Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:08 am

The year is 1945. The government, and most of American society, has collapsed as a result of a mysterious infection that was first reported on the West Coast in 1944. Perhaps most puzzling about the virus is the fact that it mutates rapidly - before the government's collapse, the CDC's efforts to record all of the known symptoms of the virus had failed tremendously. The source of the virus was never found before D.C. fell, but many researchers speculated that it originated from European post-war immigrants. To this day, it is not known how the infection is transmitted - however, a peculiar green mist has been sighted in areas with widespread infection, and it is thought that the exchange of bodily fluids or coming into contact with infected blood spreads the virus.

Shortly after the infection began, Americans realized that they could not rely on the government for much longer. Local communities all across the nation became even more tight knit, there was more of an emphasis on local government, and perhaps most importantly, factions formed all over the U.S. Each faction had their own ideas about how the ever-approaching post-apocalyptic America needed to be governed, and that was what separated them more than anything else.

Our story is set in Stow, New Hampshire, directly after the government collapse. The infection is rapidly approaching New England, and its residents are anything but unprepared. Where we go from now is your choice, but there will be some crucial admin-run events in the near future progressing the story of the infection.
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New Land Canon (This goes into effect AFTER the starting events.)
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