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 Captain Aloysius Koeneerad

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Captain Aloysius Koeneerad Portrait_of_a_Soldier_by_fornacon
Taken 17th May, 2063. 4 days after the 92nd Company left Jallarn-1.

Accessing FedNet database...

User: ***** ****

Password: **********

Attempting login...

Access granted. Welcome, ***** ****.

Full Name: Aloysius Emerens Koeneerad
Rank: Captain
Unit: 2nd Division, 4th Brigade, 1st Battalion, 92nd Mobile Infantry Company
Specializations: Morita Marksmanship, Command Fitness.

  • Gold Service Badge (15 Years)
  • Wound Badge
  • First Contact Award
  • Jallarn Campaign Medal
  • Mormon Rebellion Medal

Age: 48
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 174 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown (dark tint)
Gallery: Various identification images.

Born on the frosty Colony of Ur, Captain Aloysius Koeneerad was the descedent of the CEO of a multi-corporation mega-business. His father, formerly Lieutenant General Inge Koeneerad, was a staunch supporter of the Federation both socially and economically. Using his large amounts of credits to bribe the dean of one of the most prestigious Military Space Universities that money could buy, allowing Aloysius to attend regardless of his grades in Primary School

A graduate of the Troy University for Mobile Infantry Officers, Aloysius was placed at the rank of Lieutenant under the command of Captain Breixo Abreu. Serving his first missions in a campaign against Mormon rebels on a dust colony known as Dsching-2, Aloysius was promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant and second to the Command Officer after the original XO was gunned down by Mormon snipers at the Battle of Tall Dunes.

Pushing the Mormons back to their last hold at Fort Plate, 1LT. Koeneerad tasted his first bit of full command after CPT. Abreu was mortally wounded at the Battle of the Brush. Winning his first major victory, and taking back control of Dsching-2, all members of the 92nd Company who were present on the planet were awarded with the Dsching Campaign Service medal. The 92nd Company was recycled to command of Fort Rock on Earth, where they lie in wait for two years.

On the eve of 2053, the 92nd MI Company was shipped out to space, and put under command of Flotilla 9, who would be their ride onto the surface of Klendathu, the first major staging point of the Arachnid War. However, due to the lack of foresight of the heavy handed Marshall, approximately 30,000~ Mobile Infantrymen were killed, along with the near-annihiliation of Flotilla 9 and her comrades. Captain Breixo Abreu was sliced in half by Arachnid warriors during the assault, leaving the newly-crowned Captain Koeneerad to solely lead the 92nd MI Company into battle.

After the mostly-successful campaign against the new Arachnid threat, Aloysius had earned the respect of his fellow members in High Command as a seasoned commander. However, as they pushed the Arachnids in the Jallarn system, a fatal logistic error left the 92nd Company stranded on Jallarn-1 for nearly four days as they fought a constant guerrilla war against the Arachnid presence on the planet. They were eventually evacuated from the planet after suffering massive casualties, and the next recruitment wave was brought into the 92nd Company's fold in an attempt to bring them back to full strength.
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Captain Aloysius Koeneerad
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