The 92nd Infantry Division

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 History of the Second Division

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History of the Second Division Empty
PostSubject: History of the Second Division   History of the Second Division I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 25, 2013 8:00 am

The 2nd Division was one of the first military units formed in the Federation, and was uniformly named as such. Originally compromised of multiple armored battalions, the Second Division was fully re-purposed as a Mobile Infantry division upon the dawn of a United Earth. One of the first divisions to probe the depths of space, they played a vital role in maintaining peace throughout the colonies.

As the Mormon Rebellion was sparked, the Second Division saw some of the most fierce fighting on the frontlines. Leading the campaign in a technique known as "Planet Hopping," the Division mostly served as shocktroopers and vanguard for the reclamation of the Outer Colonies. This eventually led to the Second Division's permanent status as a spacer division. Holding a small amount of ships in a fleet, the Second Division spends most of its time in space on the front lines of a war.

This constant front line action led to a high mortality rate within the Division, and a few penal companies were formed within it in order to facilitate the thorough execution of criminals. With the dawn of the Mormon uprising, the Division saw some of the heaviest fighting in their history. With nearly 10,000 Mobile Infantry dead or missing at the end of it. This left the Division severely undermanned for many years before the Arachnid War.

Second Division was also on the front lines at Klendathu, and with nearly 30,000 Mobile Infantry dead in total. It was at Klendathu with the current Captain of 92nd Company was crowned, Aloysius Koeneerad. Koeneerad would lead troops of the Second Division into heavy fighting for many years, until a terrible blow was struck to his own company at Jallarn.

The Jallarn campaign was motivated to driving the bugs further back, but due to Fleet's oversight, a logistical failure in the Jallarn campaign caused nearly 10,000~ deaths on the surfaces of Jallarn-1, 2, 3, and 4. Due to this, the Second Division has been severely undermanned in the continuation of the Arachnid War. However, this did not deter it from serving on the front lines in smaller operations until they were replenished to full strength.
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History of the Second Division
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