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 The 23rd Military Police Company

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The 23rd Military Police Company Empty
PostSubject: The 23rd Military Police Company   The 23rd Military Police Company I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 25, 2013 10:15 am

The 23rd Military Police Company AmericanMParmband

The 23rd Military Police Company has been assigned to the Federal Combat Vessel of Jallarn in order to ensure order between the Fleet and Mobile Infantry personnel on the ship. Members of the Military Police are known for the discipline and brutality when dealing with trouble makers and ne'er-do-wells. It is up to the Provost to maintain order, law, and peace on the ship at all costs.

Ranking Structure of the Military Police in Descending Order:

  • High Marshal
  • Provost Marshal
  • Judiciary
  • Senior Provost
  • Provost

The Mandates of the Military Provost:

  • You are expected to maintain your composure at all times.
  • Socializing while on duty is strictly forbidden.
  • Any criminals detained must be logged on the proper channels.
  • Breaking of minor laws are only punishable by time in detainment.
  • Breaking of major laws are punishable by lashings or discharge.
  • Overt brutality is strictly forbidden and will result in discharge.
  • The High Marshal must approve all discharges.
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The 23rd Military Police Company
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