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 Scoring Guidelines for New Recruits

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Scoring Guidelines for New Recruits Empty
PostSubject: Scoring Guidelines for New Recruits   Scoring Guidelines for New Recruits I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 26, 2013 10:22 am

1. General RP
* OOC and IC are separated. Everything that is said ICly seems plausible and fits the canon. (5 Points)
* Commands are used properly. /it isn't used for /me's and vice versa. (5 points)
* Guns are not asked for immediately, nor is training. (10 points)
* Trainee shows the ability to passive RP without getting bored immediately. (15 points)

2. Canon & Character
* Trainee shows extensive knowledge of the Starship Troopers universe. (15 points)
* Stereotypes are not used/are not major parts of a character's background or personality. (15 points)
* Trainee's character seems dynamic and round. The character shows a visible change during training and has a defined personality with some traits that are unexpected - i.e. a convict that shows a love for fellow human beings. (15 points)
* Trainee makes reference to or understands in-game events when prompted. (i.e. Trainer mentions Klendathu, trainee gives an appropriate response) (20 points)

A - 90 - 100
B - 80 - 89
C - 70 - 79
D - 60 - 69

Trainee MUST achieve at least a B in order to graduate and be whitelisted. Direct the report you wrote on a trainee to an admin or a co-owner for further verification as you see fit.
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Scoring Guidelines for New Recruits
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