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 Kleptonix's Appeal

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Kleptonix's Appeal  Empty
PostSubject: Kleptonix's Appeal    Kleptonix's Appeal  I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 29, 2013 6:52 am

Steam Name: Kleptonix

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:72969836

So on 11/28/2013 I was banned from Star Ship Trooper Roleplay for an OOC message. This message was a response to a message that an SA told me OOC. Before this went on, I was recently talking with a member of the server who's name was Addiction. He was telling me about how he joined the server and I asked who he was. He decided to PM me which at the time I did not realize PM's where global. This lead to a player with the name 'Fenix' spamming 'What' about 5 times which I think caused the agitation of staff. I sent a message back still unaware of the PMs being global that read 'I am also getting his messages'. It took me a while before an SA told me in OOC making it noticeable in chat. I then proceeded to write a sarcastic message that wasn't supposed to be taken literal and could have easily been a kickable offence rather than a Permanent Ban from the server. This message read 'Sorry, now I'm going to go kill myself' and was a response from a scowled by one of the staff members. I am aware of the rule 'No Idiotic Behavior In OOC' but I feel that this is pretty veg and could easily be misunderstood or misinterpreted by most people. What goes by 'Idiotic' might be socially exceptable to others. I know it is meant to be a common sense type of thing but I don't understand why I got banned for using a form of exaggeration in English writing. Also, I think that a Permban is a bit of an extreme punishment for a few messages. I understand if I was spamming or Minging but I have proved that I am capable of RPing properly in your server. I was there for 4 hours before I got banned and was there ever since the movement to the Sand Biome. Near that time frame I did not have any trouble with the staff or other players that had to be taken OOCly.
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Kleptonix's Appeal
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